Please ensure you follow your instructions as failure to do so may invalidate your results


Instructions for Post & Drop COVID-19 TEST

If your test is for travel, you must research the instructions of your country of travel and follow these

– LivingCare do not list guidelines for individual countries, and it is your responsibility to check the requirements that relate to you.

If your country of travel requests a swab 72 hours before flying, we suggest that you swab at 70 hours to allow for a possible two hour flight delay.

For example : For example, if you are flying at 8am on a Thursday, you should swab yourself at 10am on a Monday following the instructions included with your kit – Taking particular attention to write the details requested on the paperwork and also the swab sample tube.


You can return this sample in several different ways:

  • We highly recommend that you drop your sample at one of our dedicated collect and drop sites across the North of England. This ensures that your sample reaches our lab the same day that you drop (when you do so by 6:30am) and receive your results the very same day by 8pm.Click here for locations of all of our dropoff sites
    Please note: Parking restrictions apply at our collect & drop sites, and you must not remain on site for any longer than 15 minutes whilst dropping off your sample.
  • Post your sample back using the a tracked and guaranteed 24hour service. Please note: We have experienced a large number of postal delays for samples, and highly recommend using our collect and drop sites to return your sample the same day as you perform the swab. If your sample does not arrive at the lab in the post, it cannot be tested in time and you will not receive a certificate for travel.


The process:

  • Place your order for a collect and drop at
  • Submit your personal details including passport number at the time of booking
  • We sent your kit out via tracked24 Royal Mail for orders placed before 12pm.
  • Receive your kit the next working day
  • Swab yourself in line with guidance from your country of travel
  • Please follow all guidance on the included instruction leaflet taking particular care to complete the information required on the swab tube itself and also on the lab request form.
  • Please note: You must complete all details on on the lab request form and swab tube otherwise our lab will reject your sample and you will not receive a result. We do not offer refunds for customer errors such as this.
  • Seal the biobag (do not include the lab request form in the biobag) then place the lab request from and biobag together in the grey return envelope.
  • Return your kit (The safest option is to use one of our collect and drop sites across the North of England before 6:30am daily) or use the tracked return postage label provided.
  • Return your results by 8pm the same day if you use one of our drop boxes.

You can view the locations of our dropoff locations by clicking here


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